Gold In­vest­ments

CoIn­vest Beteili­gungs­man­age­ment Lux­em­bourg S.à r.l. por­trays the in­vest­ment in gold as two fun­da­ment­ally dif­fer­ent strategies. Hold­ing and man­age­ment is in the fore­front of a long-term in­vest­ment strategy for a long-term in­vest­ment in gold. The over­all as­set al­loc­a­tion is pre­de­ter­mined by an as­set man­ager; CoIn­vest Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment Man­age­ment Lux­em­bourg S.à r.l. is the spe­cial­ist for the part of phys­ic­al, real gold al­loc­a­tion with a view to qual­ity, the ap­pro­pri­ate means of stor­age and part­ner se­lec­tion.

In a gold trad­ing strategy is the hand­ling, the short-term trad­ing profits and the use of short-term volat­il­ity in the fore­ground. A gold trad­ing strategy is char­ac­ter­ized by a com­pre­hens­ive use of de­riv­at­ives, debt fin­an­cing and short-term trad­ing strategies.



The Group of Com­pan­ies has many years of ex­per­i­ence in deal­ing with phys­ic­al gold at its dis­pos­al. The volume traded since 2001 is more than 2 bil­lion Euros. CoIn­vest Cor­por­ate In­vest­ment Man­age­ment Lux­em­bourg S.à r.l. has dir­ect ac­cess to the trad­ing desks at sev­er­al large European banks.

The ex­per­i­ence ex­tends not only to the gold mar­ket and its pe­cu­li­ar­it­ies, but also and in par­tic­u­lar to the prac­tices of gold ac­quis­i­tion. In ad­di­tion to re­li­able and trus­ted mar­ket part­ners this also in­cludes know­ledge on the spe­cif­ics of the ac­tu­al phys­ic­al prop­erty and stor­age.



Ex­pert­ise comes from ex­per­i­ence, di­li­gence and sus­tain­able busi­ness prac­tices.

The com­pet­ency to es­tab­lish not only the gold trade, but also the ap­pro­pri­ate struc­tures in Lux­em­bourg, to com­ply with the leg­al frame­works and the se­cur­ity of an ex­per­i­enced part­ner are part of the over­all skills pack­age for our cus­tom­ers as well as the care­ful se­lec­tion of part­ners and a large net­work of ex­perts. You can ex­pect to be­ne­fit from long-stand­ing re­la­tion­ships with reput­able leg­al and ac­count­ing firms as well as the ma­jor mar­ket par­ti­cipants in the gold trade.



For us, in­nov­a­tion means al­ways ques­tion­ing that which is already well-known without sac­ri­fi­cing the qual­ity of the tried and true. In this way we are al­ways try­ing to ad­apt new in­sights for our struc­tures and in­vest­ment strategies and, based on our find­ings, to be one step ahead of the times.

Business Model

Busi­ness Mod­el

Our cus­tom­ers have con­firmed that we have of­fer pro­fes­sion­al ser­vice with an at­tract­ive price struc­ture. We are happy to ac­com­pany you as a ser­vice pro­vider in the en­tre­pren­eur­i­al risk and to real­ize our en­tre­pren­eur­i­al op­por­tun­it­ies.

Our ser­vices are mod­u­lar. They can in­clude an in­vest­ment in its en­tirety. Even a purely ad­vis­ory role for in­di­vidu­al sec­tions would be pos­sible. Our cus­tom­ers de­term­ine the need and can an­ti­cip­ate re­ceiv­ing open and hon­est ad­vice from us.

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